Green Home Designs – Express Your Inner Green Thumb

The biggest trend today is the green home design. Why? Living in a home that has a smaller impact on the environment and the Earth is great for everyone involved. The materials used to create a environmentally friendly house are often recycled from other buildings, last longer than traditional materials and reduce the cost of electric and heating bills over the life of the residence.

Renting Vs Buying Eco-Friendly Spots

Eco-friendly designs are exciting for builders to create, but that does not mean the owner is always the one living in the eco-friendly structure. Finding an environmentally friendly home to rent can be a difficult process because everyone wants to live in a home that makes they feel just a bit better about their part in saving the Earth.

As is the case in any business, there are owners who will place some Energy Star appliances in a home and swear the home is a green home design. This is not the case. Energy Star appliances do decrease the carbon footprint the home has on the Earth, but that does not make the home a green home.

An Altered Building Process

One aspect of building a greener residence that owners forget, is the energy expenditure used in building. The builder needs to agree to use more energy efficient building methods during construction. Hiring a professional green builder could mean working with someone who understands the need to decrease energy use during the build.

For the homeowner or investor who wants to do their part to reduce carbon emissions, energy use and the impact the house has on the environment, home designs with Mother Earth in mind are the best solution.